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Mothers, Maids & More!

Mara has all sorts of new things up our sleeve! Including the reintroduction of the Bridesmaid's Dress Department, as well as Mother of the Bride/Groom Dresses. We have searched high and low, for not only beautiful dresses but affordable, high-quality, on-trend, practical dresses that are party-worthy! Trust us, in the mothers and maids department, that is a tall order!

First Up - Mother's! Mark your calendars, because we're kicking off our new Mother's Collection on Mother's Day Weekend with the Moms and Mimosas event :) Grab your mom, future mother-in-law, even grandmas love our styles, and start your mother's day weekend with a little bubbly and a lot of pretty dresses! Check it out here, and then schedule your appointment! (You're always welcome to stop by without an appointment, we're not very fussy, but an appointment does guarantee you a fitting room).

May 11 - May 13 Event:

If you're in the market now, you don't have to wait to see the dresses. Most of our new collection has already arrived, and the dresses are so SO pretty. You will find floral prints, more knee and tea-length options, and modern, flattering cuts perfect for moms of all types :) You will find pricing for these styles very affordable, and the quality is top-notch.

What's Happening with Bridesmaids?

We have already brought back the full Dessy Collection, Watters and WToo collection, and they are SO. GOOD. Take a peek at some of our new favorite styles, colors and vibes...

The Evolution of the Bridal Party

Like anything, the trends over the years change drastically. When Mara opened in 2017, there were two colors in bridal party dresses. Blush Pink, and Burgundy. (A little bit of sarcasm there). As fabulous as those weddings were, the tide changed a couple of years after, and then sage green, hunter green, and burnt oranges were back on the scene. Then 2020 happened and.. well.. we don't really want to talk about that. BUT NOW.... the big ol' fashioned bridal party is BACK, and ANYTHING GOES!!

- Black is Back

- All the Colors of the Rainbow

- White and Ivory Bridesmaid's Dresses

- Bubblegum Pinks and Purples

- T-Swift inspired florals and garden party dresses

- Satin and Taffeta Fabrics have entered the building... again

- Silky Charmeuse and slinky silks

- Mix and Match styles, prints, and colors

- Guys & Girls.. we're all friends here!

Shopping for Bridesmaid's Dresses CAN be fun :) We promise.

Mara has recently redesigned our retail space so that bridesmaids have their own dedicated department in our Studio. This allows for more fitting rooms and a more tailored shopping experience to find the RIGHT dresses for everyone. Most brides find that choosing individual looks for their bridal party, rather than everyone fitting into one style, seems to be a more pleasing option for their bridesmaids. After all, what looks good on one person, might not feel great on another. (Although, we do have some magic styles that truly are flattering on all bodies.) When you're shopping with a Mara Stylist, we're trained to work with you throughout the shopping experience to pair colors, silhouettes, and fabrics, to create a cohesive, creative, and totally gorgeous wedding party.

Why shop in-store, and not online?

There is no doubt that shopping online serves many, MANY purposes. I would be lying if I said I didn't do a fair amount of shopping online myself (why wouldn't you have your kitty litter delivered to your doorstep?!) But, there are few things more fun in this world, than shopping with champagne in-hand, giggling, and handing dresses back and forth with your besties. In addition...

- Dresses always, ALWAYS look different on a real body, than they do on a model online, or even on a hanger. Trying them on is a foolproof way to find the one you want, and feel confident in your choice.

- In this world of mix and match... that doesn't mean that everything really goes together now does it? :) Some things need a little visual confirmation that we're indeed putting together a "Vibe" and not a "Hot Mess".

- Who likes to do returns?! Not I.

- Boutique bridesmaid designers like ours (, are now competitively priced! Yes, we know they used to be $300+. That's not the deal anymore. Most are under $200, and a TON are around $100-$150.

- We measure you, and we're professionals at that. We also help walk you through a size chart, and will choose the size that will minimize alterations (we're also professionals at that). We have amazing seamstresses that are also affordable, and work with us on the daily! They trust our product, and they will tailor your dress to perfection.

Schedule your Bridesmaid Appointment!

We would love to work with you and help you put together an amazing bridesmaid vibe. Schedule an appointment online with one of our trained stylists ( Remember to allow yourself at least 6 months (we recommend 6-9 months), ahead of your wedding to shop/order/alter bridesmaid's dresses. Can't wait to see you soon!

xoxo Tiffany & The Mara Team



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