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Congratulations on your engagement!  We would love to be your bridal store choice.  Our distinctly relaxed and sophisticated style is setting the standard for the Midwest's bridal gown shopping experience.  Located in a 150 year old home, we have worked to bring our brides an inviting atmosphere and provide a memorable 'yes to the dress' moment, long after the shopping day.

Tiffany and her team have styled hundreds of weddings since opening in 2017.  You will discover dresses unlike any others in the region.  We're focused on fashion-forward pieces, with a chic and modern aesthetic.
your appointment
We recommend buying your wedding dress 12+ months in advance, so scheduling your bridal appointment in this time frame makes the most sense.  Bridal appointments at Mara generally last 90 minutes.  We have two large bridal fitting suites, and never take more than 2 brides at a time.  This way, you're seeing all of the inventory and having a relaxed, low-pressure experience.  

Brides are often under the impression that they need to shop ALL of the places before deciding on their bridal gown.  However, we have found that brides who keep the decision making simple, are the ones who truly have the most positive experience.  Over-shopping gets exhausting, and complicated, so we don't advise booking back-to-back appointments.  If you have a great group of family and friends, and find  a dress you love, many times, it's that simple.  Plus, when you find 'the one', we'll pop the champagne for you and your group.  Cheers!

our dresses
You will discover six designers, most of which aren't offered any where else in the state.  The cost of our bridal gowns range between $1099-$3499, with the average being $1700.  Please keep in mind bridal sizing runs small.  Our average sample sizes are between 10-16 which fit more like a 6-12 in regular clothing.  We also offer a beautiful curvy-size collection as well between sizes 18-28.

Photography Credit: Emma Rose Photography


They are so professional and super nice! My stylist let me try on what felt like a million dresses until I found the one. I definitely recommend Mara!

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