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Take a peek at the bridal collection at Mara.  You will discover these wedding dresses and more at our bridal boutique in Charles City, Iowa.  The price range for the wedding dresses at Mara is between $999-$3199, with the average bridal gown costing about $1700.  The sample size range for the bridal gowns at Mara is between 4-28, with the average being a size 14.

The Bridal Gown Collection

88310_FF_Florita_Justin-Alexander (1).jpg

Justin Alexander

Clean lines, elegant silhouettes and incredible lace describes Justin Alexander.

Price Range: $1299-$2999

99223_FF_Cybill_Justin_Alexander_Signature (1).jpg

Justin Alexander Signature

Classic meets modern with this collection.

Price Range: $1699-$2599


Lillian West

Bohemian and Rustic Inspiration

defines Lillian West.

Price Range: $1299-$2,099


Madi Lane

A wildly romantic collection that features unique details and bold lace. 

Price Range: $1199-$1699


Casablanca Bridal

View the classic bridal collection that is Casablanca.

Price Range: $1099-$2299


Blue by Enzoani

A collection of exquisite gowns made from luxurious fabrics and featuring show stopping backs.

Price Range: $1299-$3199


Evie Young

Simple and elegant meets a modern touch with Evie Young.

Price Range: $1199 - $1499

Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander is one of the leading, and most cutting edge bridal designers on the planet.  Mara, in Charles City is one of the only bridal stores in the state of Iowa with the opportunity to carry these gowns.  You will find only the finest fabrics, detailed hand-work, exquisite lace and beyond with Justin Alexander.

Justin Alexander Signature

This collection is filled with drama, modernity, and unrivaled attention to detail. Distinctive sparkling designs with vivid layers and shimmering beadwork.

Justin Alexander Signature