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Keep your dress safe and sound.

Dress Services

A wedding gown is the most special piece of clothing you'll ever own.  It deserves to be cherished.  Mara offers various bridal gown services to help keep your dress in the best condition possible.  Before and well-after your wedding day.  From steaming the week of  your wedding, to cleaning and preserving after you return from your honeymoon.

Wedding Dress Ballgown

Gown Steaming

Mara offers steaming services for wedding dresses, bridesmaids, mother and flower girl dresses, as well as veils.  If you purchased your wedding dress with us, you do have a special promotion available to you.  We recommend steaming your gown between 1-3 days ahead of your wedding.  It does take a few hours, and the cost does vary (between $15-$150), depending on the volume of the skirt.  We do require appointments for steaming.  Simply click the button below to book!  


Did you buy a wedding dress off the rack? Maybe it could use a professional cleaning before you walk down the aisle.  Or, you might want to clean your dress but not preserve it, so someone else can wear it in the near future.  Mara offers professional wedding dress cleaning through the "Wedding Preservation Company".  If you would like to arrange a time to safely package your dress and send it out for cleaning please book online or call to arrange. 

Cost for Shipping & Cleaning: $195

Soap and Lather
Wedding Gown Preservation Company

Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Mara offers professional cleaning and preservation services for wedding dresses through the industry's most trusted preservation company.  Learn everything there is to know about cleaning and preserving your gown here!  You can even buy online.  PS It also makes a great shower or wedding gift!


Mara has worked with several professional bridal seamstresses over the years.  We have found a few we really love partnering with.  Although we don't do alterations inside of our store, we have all the confidence in the tailors listed below.  It is customary to call your seamstress well ahead of your wedding date and let them know when your event is, and when you expect your dress to be in.  You'll likely then be "loosely" placed on their calendar until your dress comes in, and the wedding date is about 3 months out.

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