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Menswear Trends for 2022—and Beyond

The First Quarter Menswear Promotion is coming to a close! So if you haven’t thought about tuxedos for your wedding….. NOW is the time!

A new season of fashion is upon us, which also means we made it through another year of fashion trends, including both ups and downs, good looks and…less good looks.. A fresh year means a fresh look is in order. For guys, who spend less time thinking about their fashion, now is a good time to reconsider the look and maybe branch out.

For men getting married this year, the time is perfect for deciding what look is going to accompany you on the most important of days.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Wayy back in the day, color was not something highly indulged for men’s fashion. When a man got married, it was usually in ceremonial black or grey, but rarely in flashy colors. Similarly, groomsmen wore the same types of simple chromatics, not drawing attention and being within a certain palette and style. While those looks are classic and will always be in, you shouldn’t think of them as a must anymore.

Step 1: Think in color.

So many wedding pictures are seen on social media, be it Instagram, Facebook, or other apps. Filters and lenses can crop, dilute, and change looks. What might’ve looked dignified and low-key can start to look a bit flatter or even dull in the pictures that show up later. Consequently, there’s a joy (and a very fun vibe) to be had from bolding the colors and going a little more vibrant than your grandfather’s wedding.

Suits can have tones from blue to dark navy, deep greens, and plenty of burgundy or purple. Gradations of those main colors can form a full spectrum not only for the groom’s outfit, but for the groomsmen and their ensemble as well. Brides have also added more color to their wardrobe, thinking in Boho and chic styles instead of the classic white or lace.

Menswear involves mixing and matching color, as well. What used to be fashion no-noes are now closer to fashion maybes, and in some cases a big fashion yes. The fear of matching unlike colors or considering different textures and styles is secondary to fitting a style and a vibe that is unique, original, and totally you. Less formal, more fun, and plenty of flair for the fresh linens.

Some grooms are even renting TWO coats now. A classic coat for the wedding ceremony, and then a second fun and flashy reception coat for the party!

Think in Textures and Styles

Similar to the new explosion of color is a new boom for style. Style, by itself, encompasses a lot of different elements, and one of the biggest is texture and the ensemble. For instance, hipster looks, like suspenders, tie clips, and modern things with clean lines are in vogue. Anything that involves a youthful, playful look with more originality. This can also include worn facial hair, such as beards, mustaches, stubble, or a faded haircut look. If going for facial hair, keep it properly groomed and oiled. Where once tattoos were more hidden, now they can become a part of the look as well, displayed to add some life to the groom’s design.

Similarly, a broad swath of accessories can tie a look together. Bowties, ties, pocket squares, and ornate cufflinks or boutonnieres can add to the vibrant look for both color and minimalist presentations. Watches can make good fixtures, especially classic ones augmenting a traditional or hipster look. A waistcoat can top off a more suave look, and if you’re really going for the ornate and classical, consider a pocket watch. While old school, they can easily fit in with the right look. For those with a socially-conscious wedding style, bracelets or signifier mementos can be added to outfits to show a cause you’re passionate about.

If going for the classic or traditional look for you and your groomsmen, a tuxedo is still a great choice with plenty of possibility for subtle or dynamic flair. You can experiment with single or double-breasted jackets and a variety of collars, or you can play with fabrics depending on the style of the wedding. Bow tie or regular tie? Looser fit or slimmer cut? Satin and silk made good alternatives, as does softer velvet for fall or winter weddings. You can play with unique coats by having shorter lengths or fitted styles or cuts, which may (or may not!) match the rest of your outfit, depending on what you’re going for.

If having an outdoor wedding, consider earth tones and neutrals to better fit in with the environment. Browns, tans, and shades of green can bring together an earthy look. Neutral colors and natural shades complement surroundings and come off as nuanced without being overly flashy. Sandy, monochromatic tones like beiges and subtle browns can be a hot look when properly tied together. With good tailoring and matched accessories, this is a simple, chic look with lots of possibility. Milroy’s introduced a gorgeous tweed-like brown suit that you have to see if earthy is your vibe!

A velvet blazer looks terrific, and can be accented in spring or winter with bow ties and shoes that blend the look together as a rich palette of texture and color. For a summer wedding, velvet can be a little heavy, but the softer silken fabrics can be citrus colored or work with floral accents. If you’re planning a beach wedding, consider how the fabrics will look against the ocean or the sand, and especially how the textures respond to the winds for photographs. You’ll find beautiful linen-like suits that would be perfect barefoot on the beach!

And don’t forget footwear! No matter where you’re getting married, make sure the chosen shoes are comfortable but match with the rest. Converse sneakers, for example, don’t really work with a conventional tux, but they can be an excellent choice for a hipster vibe and pair well with skinnier pant cuts (Speaking of, SUPER slim fit knit pants are now available to rent, think cropped stretch dress pants like you see on the Bachelorette). Cowboy boots might work for a more rustic wedding, or possibly something with laces, or a slip on for a chic wedding with a city view.

Be adventurous!

Keep It Simple—But Keep It You

First and foremost, for any menswear, the goal is to be comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing and how you’re presenting yourself. For the groom, the most important thing (besides what your spouse-to-be is wearing) is to be authentic but present; you want your style to compliment and live up to expectation while subtly enhancing expectation and delighting guests. Your look is half of what people will see in every photograph of this day for years to come (and there will be many).

For the groomsmen, it’s important to fit in while standing out. The groomsmen are there to provide a balance to the festivities and the wedding itself. They should be comfortable, happy, and eager to take part with you in this journey. Fashion, for all parties, is a fun way to set the stage, the mood, and the memories. We feel comfortable when we look our best, and we’re relaxed when we’re ourselves. The best fashion choices combine these values to make for a simple, elegant look that still represents the groom and his personal style..

No matter your fashion choices, go forward confidently and remember that any guy can make a style work with the right vibe and the right attitude.



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