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Thank you for shopping with Mara Prom!  Please note that all of our inventory dresses are available to try on at our brick-and-mortar store in Charles City, Iowa.  We also sell our prom gowns online.  Because our dresses are available for customer try-on, there may be some shop-wear with our merchandise.  We will disclose any major wear-and-tear to the best of our ability, and the product will be discounted appropriately.  Because we have a store-front, there is a possibility that a dress may be sold in our boutique before it's reflected in our e-commerce inventory.  We will confirm your purchase as soon as possible.  Also, in most cases, we only have one size and one color in each style.  The color and size listed is the only variant available.  Please call us at 641-228-3301 for more details.  

Wedding Gown Preservation Kit

Wedding Gown Preservation Kit


This service is for a complete cleaning, preservation and storage of your gown.  There is also a service for cleaning only for $195.  Please call 641-228-3301 for more details.


Since 1913 The Wedding Gown Preservation Company has been perfecting the art and science of wedding dress cleaning and preservation to ensure your most beautiful keepsake from your wedding day remains pristine and perfect as a memory to be shared with future generations. Not only will your loved ones enjoy viewing your wedding dress through the exclusive viewing window of your Wedding Gown Preservation Chest, our technology allows your wedding dress to be one day adorned again by your children and grandchildren in their own wedding – the ultimate honor a woman can receive and a tribute to your timeless style.


Kit Features & Highlights:

  • FREE & Secure 2-way $500 Insured Shipping Of Your Dress
  • Include Up To 5 Accessories such as Veil, Garter, Etc. Preserved FREE
  • Exclusive SYSTEMK4 Museum Quality Delicate Fabric Cleaning Technology
  • Lifetime+ 100 Year Anti-Yellowing Guarantee
  • GownTracker™ - Peace-of-mind 24/7 Tracking of your Gown Throughout the Process


Why Purchase Our Traditional Wedding Gown Preservation Kit™?

Your wedding dress represents a moment captured in time when you began your journey into a new and exciting future, ready to conquer the world side-by-side with the most important person in your life. The day was filled with exciting events - getting ready with close friends, your first dance, a wonderful dinner, cutting the cake and a night filled with family, friends and a whole lot of fun.

Unfortunately, all those fun events will eventually cause your wedding gown to become stained and yellowed over time. Makeup, lipstick, food, dirt from the dance floor, grass, wine, all create visible and invisible stains on your wedding gown that degrade the delicate, natural fibers over time if left untreated. The only way to remove these stains, prevent future yellowing and return your wedding gown to it’s original brilliance is to have it professionally cleaned and preserved.


Join the Over 3,000,000 Brides Who Have Trusted Our Service Since 1913

Over 3,000,000 brides, past and present have decided that their wedding gown was worth sharing with their next generation, and one day, give them the opportunity to wear it again at their own wedding. Having your wedding gown cleaned and preserved is the only way to ensure it won’t become a faded, forgotten memory of what was the most amazing moment of your life. We’ve perfected our process to make our service safer than taking your gown to your local dry cleaners and our museum quality cleaning process is the most effective in the world in getting out even the most difficult staining.


Watch an Informative Video Here...


An Industry First 100 Year Guarantee

We're the only wedding gown cleaning and preservation service to proudly stand behind our quality service by going beyond a typical lifetime guarantee to offer our brides an industry first 100-year guarantee against future yellowing or staining. This guarantee will not only allow your children to cherish your wedding gown, but also your grandchildren and even great grandchildren.

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