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What is the average cost of a tux rental?

The average price of a full rental (including: coat, shirt, pants, vest and tie) is between $145 - $165 without the damage waiver and additional add-ons.

When do our rentals come in and when do they need to be returned?

The tuxedos will arrive the week of the wedding, no later than Thursday at 4 PM.  It's important that the groomsmen do their final fitting at our boutique, so we can remedy any fit issues that may arise immediately. The rentals are due back Monday following your event date between 9 am - 12 pm. It is customary for one or two people to collect everything and return as a group.

Can I get my rental early?

Yes, you can book your rental for an extra week, and the charge will be the full rental price plus half of the rental price for the additional week.

Menswear FAQs

How far in advance should I book a Tuxedo Appointment?

We recommend choosing styles and registering your groom's party 4+ months prior to the wedding.  

When do you need tux measurements by?

We need tux measurements for all groomsmen to be completed 6 to 8 weeks in advance. 

Can you accommodate out-of-state/town groomsmen? 

Yes! Any groomsmen in your wedding party that lives out of state can have their measurements taken at a place near them and then call/email them to us. If they have no one to pick up their tux/suit rental the week of the wedding we can ship their rental to them for an additional charge.

When do we pay for our rentals?

The groomsmen do not have to put any money down upon ordering. Payment needs to be in full at the time of pick up & can be taken over the phone if more convenient. 

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