It's really happening.

WOAH. This is happening. For Real. I'm Crazy. But I am SO SO SOOO excited! 1 year ago, my husband told me to quit dreaming, and start writing. Put my plan on paper. What do they say?? Dreams will remain dreams until you write them down? So, I did. And here we are 365 days later. I've purchased a beautiful building that was made to be a bridal shop. I just placed my first order for wedding dresses, and this is happening.

In between day 1 and day 365, a lot of contemplation, analysis, research, panicking, reading, traveling, talking, and networking, has led me down this beautiful path of entrepreneurship (a word I still struggle to spell). Brick and mortar retail is supposed to be dead, right?! I can't tell you how many times I've heard that one. But I refuse to give in. It's an incredible experience, this 'thing' that bubbles to the surface when passion and purpose merge. And I intend to see it through.

What kind of crazy person, with 2 kids, and a business already in the family, would possibly consider starting another one? ☝ This Girl! For years, I would wake up imagining what it would be like to unlock the door of my own store. I could envision the way it would look, what it would sound like, even how it would smell. I close my eyes and see my hands brushing through rows of lush fabrics and glistening embellishments. And I can feel the happiness being created in all the amazing moments I get to be a part of. In this store, my store.

So here we are. This passion project is coming to fruition, and I could not be more ecstatic to give you the experience you deserve during this pivotal time in life. My marriage pivot happened in May of 2011 to a man who gives me the confidence and courage to live my dreams. I can honestly, 100% say, if it wasn't for him - this would NOT be happening. The man standing at the altar 6 years ago, recognized that this is, and always has been, my calling. He made it his priority to help it materialize. To David... I love you. And Thank You.

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